Time Series Data Inventory

This is a repository of sensor and time series data. File can be uploaded here through FTP or manually through the web interface.

There are two folders at present:

SENSOR: This is an archive of all sensor and time series data.

UPLOAD: This is a staging area for automated upload of data to the Observations database, and contains data sets not yet processed. Once processed, files are moved to the archive.

To create an FTP interface:

1. Download FileZilla (see https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client) and install.

2. Configure a Site in FIleZilla - see 'File' ' Site Manager'.

3. Configure a Site as per the details below - first on the 'General' tab, after clicking 'New Site'. The user name is the same as your media.dirisa.org user account.

4. Also set the following on the 'Advanced' tab (Default remote directory):